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Christopher Saliba, vivid and vibrant shades as mediterranean heartbeat.

Powerful gradation of colours, sometimes enforced with double or triple  layers (acrylic and oil), finished with palette knife technique. Christopher Saliba creates three dimensions spaces that superbly show their colours and wideness. Places that narrow stories and host memories, always inclusive on attracting sights from people watching through their streets or valleys.

It’s vivid scenarios that remind the real life or, better to say, that create life. Ambient is highly characterised by Saliba’s artworks as origin of emotions and tight path with human being.  The typical mediterranean dimension, represented with geometries or scale of colours in vivid dynamism, becomes innovative and highly influenced  the inclusion of the artist into special selection titled EUAsie Creative Mood through generations of Art, presented in Milan during Affordable Art Fair by Asian Studies Group and Fondazione Luciana Matalon

The artist, that was born in 1975, has been studying art since he was a child, then he graduated at the university of Malta and in 2001 presented his dissertation “La Poetica del Sublime” for his Master degree.  In 1997 he had the biggest occasion of his life: starting a scholarship to the Accademia di Belle Arti “Pietro Vannucci” in Perugia for four years. Thanks to this training period, he could show immediately his abilities, that the Accademia recognized through spaces for his exhibitions, in which he could collaborate with his mentors and fellow students.

saliba face

After this experience abroad, he came back to Gozo, were he combined his passion as a teacher with his practice, and in this way he became the protagonist of a multitude of events not only in Malta, but also in many artistic centers abroad and overseas. This is the reason why today, we can find his works, mainly abstract painting, sculpture and etching, in Europe, Japan, Canada and United States.


Salibas’s neo-expressionist paintings has always been marked by the nature, as a subject, but also as experience, in fact he expressed his preference for working outdoors rather than indoors.  His colors are vibrant and shining, feature that allows him to create unique paintings both natural and abstract.


We can find his hallmark in his ability to contaminate the nature with abstract elements, produced by the artist’s imagination, which is guided just by his feelings and unconscious. He loves experimenting, using new materials and creating new textures, but the subject has always to be the nature’s beauty and how it changes along time and space. We can find all these elements in his definition of art, in fact if someone had to ask him how he would describe his paintings, Chistopher would answer: “freeze-framed in time and motion”.

After Affordable Art Fair, Saliba will be again protagonist of personal exhibition in center of Milan managed by ASGProduzioni (Paolo Cacciato artistic direction) as part of our creative incubator Switch on Your Creativity 7th edition.

Pascal Pauwels the instinctive poetry of colours.

Artistic charisma that starts from colours and vibration as conceptual shape more than realistic and well balanced drawing.  Pascal Pauwels has been selected as young talent for EUAsiaCreativeMood through generations of Art because like his japanese alter ego Ryuichi Matsuoka, he is self.made artist who found his personal and characteristic way of communicating through  canvas and painting more than studying at any academy.

Red Bozo 1-2020

Born in Brussels in 1988, Pascal Pauwels is a self-taught artist whose plastic work, at once instinctive, poetic and of great maturity combines reality and fiction. He develops a multiform and deep art, offering intense and complex images but nevertheless silent and relaxing, resumable as a live art that tells a universal story.

pascal pauwels viso

In this way the artist gives a very personal and contemporary interpretation of society.

Blue Bozo 1-2020As result of his works, he created the “unconscious photo library”, a collection of images collected through the years.

After a first exhibition entitled “PHASES” in 2016, supported by the city of Brussels and a second in 2018, as part of the Artists’ Path, Pascal Pauwels transforms the real into fascinating and deeply aesthetic works.

We can say that is impossible to select a single category of art for his works, but he has some favorite techniques: collages, prints, ink, white paper base, acrylic, silicone, résine.

Thanking EUAsiaCreativeMood through generations of Art Pascal Pauwels will be presented first ever in Milan during 10 th edition of Affordable Art Fair (booth L3) from 7 to 9 of February.

Original Bozo 1-20

After that, as part of Switch on Your Creativity 7th edition, the belgian artist will get the opportunity of further promotion with personal exhibition, always in the center of Milan, developed by ASGProduzioni (directed by Paolo Cacciato). Beyond it, there’s also an interesting cooperation’s proposal that consists also of representative agreement for Italy as benefit for artistic management and events development sustained by ASGProduzioni and his fund for creativity arts and innovation called #PiattaformaCAI

To get more info about Pascal Pauwels and for any other inquires concerning his activity in Italy please contact asgproduzioni@asianstudiesgroup.net

Ryuichi Matsuoka selected for Emotive Vibrations

Switch on Your Creativity, the creative incubator promoted and developed by Asian Studies Group, has always presented contents concerning contemporary arts, in particular, it has been constantly involved in international projects boosting young talents.

From the first edition in occasion of MilanoExpo 2015, artists from Europe and Asia have been supported in many activities with technical and financial tools moved by SOYC platform.

Thanking the improvement of activities concerning creative and artistic contents managed by Asian Studies Group with its specialised department called ASGProduzioni, Switch on Your Creativity changed its shape from being regular contest into more dynamic an well framed structure: moving fast from promotion to artistic management and creative production.


The same perspective featured the professional joint with Ryuichi Matsuoka, artist from Japan who has been chosen for creative special selection of designers during Design Made in Osaka, promoted by Osaka City and Milan City with financial support of IIC Osaka. These artists joined in Milano Genius during Milano Design Week 2019 at Superstudio and in other venues selected by Asian Studies Group. In particular Ryuichi Matsuoka showed impressive sensibility and dynamism, for this reason ASGProduzioni supported his artistic tribute for the last theatre performance in Milan, called Mirabilia Naturae in collaboration with Spazio Teatro Nohma, where Matsuoka debuted as live performer on the stage for two nights (13 and 14 november).

The occasion was officially the point of start of new cooperation between the artist and ASGProduzioni and selected for new artistic concept developed in collaboration with ACT Agency titled Emotive Vibrations. The collection will be promoted in different occasions and spaces, first of all at Ideas Space (Spazio Idee) at Asian Studies Group Milano.

Ryuichi Matusoka, officially represented for european market by Paolo Cacciato, talents scout and producer, will be also one of six artists promoted during Affordable Art Fair in Milan in February 2020 for EU Asia Creative Mood Through Generations of Art.

In behalf of Matsuoka, Switch on Your Creativity choose one of his artworks titled “Lost and Distant Days” as featured image of the website for the 7th anniversary of activity.


MKFF 2019 Korea comes to Milano… and viceversa

On November 23 there will be in Milan at Spazio Cinema Anteo, the inauguration of the 1° Edition of the Milano Korean Film Festival organised by ItalCinema and Harmonie, association from Seoul and company both of them deeply involved from many year in cross cultural events through arts and cinema.

sala astoria
MKFF 1st edition is hosted by Spazio Cinema Anteo in Milan

This is  a date created expressly for the Korean cinema lovers that will have the unique possibility to interact with the director Park Jung-Bum, Director of “The Journal of Musan” and “Height of the Wave”, and the critic Lee Sang-Young, creator of the Jeonju International Film Festival. The event is organised  with the collaboration of Jeonju International Film Festival and Asian Studies Group.

Park Locarno
Park Jung-bum has picked up the Special Jury Prize in competition at the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival (2019) with Height of the Wave

The main aspect to highlight is that the place chosen for this international cultural exchange is Milan, city that represents since years the cultural capital of Italy abroad. All along, Milan is open to new projects that can communicate to its inhabitants the habits and customs of traditions all around the world, not just in order to appreciate similarities and differences, but also to absorb new ways of doing.

It is with this spirit that at the MKFF will be presented the short films of young Korean directors selected among the participants of the “Italcinema Short Korean Films Go To Europe” competition. This project, called “Korea goes to Milan” is only the first phase of a wider experience that will see, a year from now, young Italian directors present their short films at the Italian Film & Art Festival in Seoul. 

Clearly, the main purpose of this project is to focus and exalt the talent as main subject of the international and cultural communication. Along these lines, the aim of the organizers is to fix in the minds of the directors this experience so that they can insert everything they discovered and experienced in Italy, and particularly in Milan, in their future works. The same experience will then be lived by Italian directors, guaranteeing a cultural exchange between East and West to enrich both cultures.

An exchange developed and supported by youthful creativity, one of the main themes actively supported and extolled for many years by Asian Studies Group, collaborating association in the MKFF, via Switch on Your Creativity project.  In fact, a similar experience, in the design sector, has already been tested in 2019 during the Milan Design Week when young Japanese designers were able to exhibit their works at the Superstudio Group spaces. This opportunity was the response to a cultural exchange that took place a year before, during the Italian Design Day, when young Italian designers exhibited their work at the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka.

Concerning movies, Switch on Your Creativity already promoted contest (during 2nd edition) about short movies from all around the world (mainly as exchange between Europe and Asia) in occasion of Milano Expo 2015.  Cooperating with MKFF is also great opportunity to re-launch open call to Italian directors to present their works for Switch on Your Creativity 7th Edition (2020), selected short movies will be supported for official screening during 12th Italian Film Arts Festival in Seoul.

Winners – Short Movies Contest – SOYC2nd edition

The continuous realization of projects aimed at spreading the importance of Milan, and of Italy as well, in the world cultural scene are necessary small steps for the recognition of the potential of young people and to adequately support them in their exaltation and realization creativity. A mission, moreover, which is an integral part of the charter of values with which the Switch on Your Creativity project was founded.

Milan, the merging point of arts, culture, innovation and its new route to Osaka

Milan has been elected as the Italian city with the highest quality of life, according to a chart published on the Sole 24 Ore a few days ago. This fact is surely not a big surprise: apart from being the capital of finance and fashion, this big metropolis is also an excellence in production and distribution of national goods and it is known for its wide variety of cultural activities.

The countless possibilities that Milan offers to its inhabitants in different fields of the everyday life enables the city to be considered leader in our country for modernity and efficiency of services and allows it to face an international scenario with other European cities.

Being Milan the city of great working opportunities and cultural development, it is easy to understand why fields like design, theater, music and performative arts of any kind are so important to allow people to appreciate not only their culture, but also foreign ones.

Umeda_Sky_buildingGiven this positive framework, 2019 has been envisioned a great year in terms of cultural exchange among countries with very different traditions, with the aim of investigating lifestyles far from ours. This is surely the case of Italy and Japan, that will merge their habits this upcoming year, thanks to a project named Milano Genius 2019,  already introduced as framework co-supported by Switch on Your Creativity (the 6th edition), promoted and developed by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka in collaboration with Asian Studies Group as Milan located and partnered organisation.

milano genius 2019 png

These two municipalities are not stranger to each other: both of them are in fact cities of EXPO (Milan in 2015 and Osaka in 2025) and they also share the status of sister cities. Milano Genius will undoubtedly be a further opportunity for these countries to promote Italian artists, such as musicians, actors, dancers and painters in a series of events and cultural exhibitions between the months January and June.

grand front osaka

In January the concept of Milano Genius 2019 will be officially presented, whereas in February the main focus will be on contemporary art, through the paintings of Filippo Cristini, a young and talented Italian artist, whom has been promoted also here through  Switch on your Creativity hub, joining the 4th edition.

The months of March, April and May will be centered, respectively, on design, theater, photography and music, thanks to a variety of proposals, will bring the national culture overseas.

An additional aspect of the project is that it aims to be developed in different locations around Osaka, from traditional theaters to more unconventional settings like museums, halls and universities. Here arts, culture and innovation will reach the so called “merging point”, where cultural boundaries of both countries will join to celebrate the essence of culture everywhere and in every form, thanks to a communication system that involves emotions and goes beyond the linguistic aspect.

Milano Genius 2019, when creativity meets Japan through Arts, Culture and Innovation.

It has been edited a formal proposal which Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka decided to promote Italian culture and society though special events platform that will include creative contents from February to June 2019; the project called Milano Genius 2019 will be focused on arts, culture and innovation from Milano City.

IIC Osaka’s Director, Mr. Stefano Fossati decided to sustain this project to promote Culture, Arts and Innovation as mutual understanding and pro-active framework between Italy and Japan.  Asian Studies Group will support the whole organisation in terms of operative management from Milan, and as partnered organisation it will manage the agenda of activities in direct communication with Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka.

milano genius 2019 png

The project has been already introduced on preliminary phase to Osaka City and Milano City in the last weeks in behalf of informing the municipalities about patronage and co-branding.

Osaka City accepted to cooperate in the initiative hosting some contents of Milano Genius 2019 at important venues under the official promotion and introduction of the government of the City.

Both of the two municipalities Milano and Osaka are the cities of EXPO (Milan in 2015 and Osaka in 2025) and Milano Genius 2019 represents an additional common scenario for international cooperation and understanding.

Some contents that are going to be presented in Milano Genius 2019 have been promoted or designed as activities produced though our Switch on Your Creativity hub and they will be sponsored by our side and introduced as part of Switch on Your Creativity 6th Ed. 2019.

The logo has been designed by Arianna Galuppo from ACT Agency Milano‘ s team for IIC Osaka and presented on 26th of November to the international relations departments of Milan City and Osaka City.

As Association with headquarter based in Milano, on choosing our city as core content of this Milano Genius 2019 exhibition and events serie, we decided to improve cooperative and aggregative dynamics with Osaka City, due of twinning status of Osaka with Milano.

Beyond that, if we consider the assignment of official mandate for next EXPO’s organisation in 2025 to Osaka City, it’s easy to understand how much this project represents in terms of useful interaction between the two municipalities

Selected venues for activities included in the schedule for Milano Genius are well framed, beyond Festival hall Tower, in Nakanoshima, headquarter of IIC Osaka, they are chosen to show very attractive sides of the city and include universities, museums, public halls and new developing areas like Grand Front Osaka. Innovation is also subtitle of the project and it’s well represented by areas selected as performing venues for the programme.

grand front osakagrand front b

Milano Genius 2019 will embrace Contemporary Art, Design, Performing Arts, Music and Theatre.

In particular March will be the months dedicated to Design from Milan in Osaka with some exhibitions and open seminars with inclusive cooperation’s opportunities for japanese designers into joint-project that will allow them to participate to Milan Design Week 2019 in April.

In April it will be the turn of performing arts with some special performances, first ever in Japan (like Mistero Buffo – Dario Fo) with seminars and classes about italian contemporary theatre.

Always in April there will take place some contemporary art’s exhibitions with technical partnership by highly specialised agency Arti Services (Ms. Alessandra Korfias) and in May it will be the turn of contemporary photography, music with live concerts to introduce italian songwriters from Milan’s area and food experiences with starry chef from Milan who will portray in special menu some creative elements derived by music made in Milan.

The performing schedule is going to be busier as long as the opening of Milano Genius is getting closer, with some proposals from many sides we are trying to involve to make this cultural experience branded Milan unique in Osaka.



Filofono by Alessio de Stefano got special mention at YDD2018 in Osaka

The great success of Youth Design Day 2018 in Japan for Switch on Your Creativity (5th Edition) at the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka, allows us to appreciate and enhance with greater force the creative results obtained by our designers selected during Milan Design Week 2018.

Among all, a special mention should be given to Alessio de Stefano and his work “Filofono”.


COVER WEBAlessio, more than anyone else, managed to express and apply the concept of eco-sustainability to a design work. His idea was born from the intention of creating something that was aesthetically satisfying but with a romantic and vintage touch, and that could be useful at the same time to the modern and technological world of today.

His project is a mobile amplifier whose effectiveness has already been fully tested at the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka, where it will continue to be on display until November 13th.

Conceived as a design tool that is not too invasive, its traditional wooden color contrast with modern dark and grey amplifiers, trying to visually represent the strong contrast between tradition and modernity with which it was conceived.
It deserves to be mentioned because the eco-sustainable sensibility, demonstrated by the use of wood as a material, and the aesthetic-artistic sensibility, demonstrated by the curvy shape, reach a perfect harmony when, together, they recall the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

However, in this case, tradition is not synonymous with backwardness. Despite being an object that, by the will of its creator, has an aesthetic touch aimed at recalling nostalgia and tradition, it is not fossilised in old-fashioned and old use, but rather looks to the future, trying to be useful for that age group that more than others is better able to live and express the violent changes that take place within our society, caused first of all by the rapid technological evolution.

An instrument suitable for youth and modern technology but that will be never unloaded. Being a natural amplifier, it does not require electricity, thus being further eco-sustainable. Filofono tries to demonstrate how useful it can be to return to the artisanal workforce and to discover new uses that materials considered no longer modern can still offer.

Tradition and Innovation are the values ​​we want to exalt through Switch On Your Creativity and Alessio De Stefano has fully succeeded in developing them. We hope that Youth Design Day in Japan has given Alessio De Stefano and other young designers the tools and support needed to express their creativity in the field of Design.

Youth Design Day in Japan, official logo presentation in Osaka

The opening of #DesignAndPlanet exhibition in Osaka at Italian Institute of Culture represents great opportunity for us to introduce the official logo that will follow contents promoted through Switch on Your Creativity’s platform concerning design, in particular those projects that will introduce creative industry’s contents from Milan to the international scenario.

We are proud, after five editions mainly managed to collect and support projects in Europe, to develop a new communication tool that can identify and boost youth creativity in Asia starting from Japan, country that always recognised in Milan an important city for creative industry and in particular for contemporary arts and design.

Logo YDD

The logo’s design represents two circles with open spaces that allow inter-actions between two dimensions, the creative and functional dimensions, because the perspective we want to follow is always something that allow contemporary society to get benefit from design and creativity side to  improve concretely some aspects of daily life.  The colours of course are the same of Switch on Your Creativity’s logo because #YDD is part of the platform we created to boost and promote youth creativity between Europe and Asia.

The presentation will take place today at Festival Tower in Nakanoshima at Spazio Arte managed by Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka during the opening of the exhibition we introduced from April to July through our digital channels (blogsite, social networks, webtv). #DesignAndPlanet, perspectives for sustainability promotes for the first time ever in Japan profiles of designers from Europe and Asia who joined last Milan design Week  on april 2018 and  it shows well detailed projects described on 18 panels and short movie subtitled in japanese. As we do every year we select also one important partnered centre among academies and universities to provide some joint- contents for our mission. For this edition we’ve chosen  IED Istituto Europeo del Design (european design institute) that presented works of some students collected in specific sections of the exhibition.

The municipality of Osaka is Twinned City with Milan and candidate for being designated the city of the next World Expo 2025. For us this frame has an important meaning if we consider that Switch on your Creativity was born on 2013 as creative contest in behalf of promotion of Milan Expo 2015 that officially patronised two edition of our contest, including the second that has taken place during the year of EXPO in Milan.


Yesterday the project has been introduced in Japan to Osaka City Government directly to the Director for Business and International Promotion Economic Strategy Bureau at the presence also of representation of Comune di Milano (Milan City Government) and the director if Italian Institute of Culture. The meeting pointed out a preliminary cooperation’s schedule to develop Design as important content of our mutual agenda for the next year.

#DesignAndPlanet, perspectives for sustainability is hosted at Spazio Arte until 12 of November. Introduction on official website by Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka

Lightness is Jazz Wave, from Milan “Switch ON” continues internationally for summer, next stop Malta.

Summer is coming and Switch on Your Creativity 4th edition is ready to introduce a new serie of life performances as main activity for music section of our incubator for youth creativity.

Thanking Garden Blaze Talents Management Studio in Milan, as sponsor, we are glad to announce the prosecution of open call for musician for special project that will involve italian performers into three months schedule in Malta starting from July 2017.


In cooperation with most important venue for Live Jazz in the island we are going to introduce musicians and singers who will promote italian creativity on international scenario joining high level’s live music community.

As incubator for youth participation into cross cultural artistic projects we are glad to offer a concrete opportunity for summer time. It doesn’t mean only a job placement but it’s also the way to receive promotional services and post-production’s support as professional service offered for free because managed as Switch on Your Creativity’s official contents.  As part of our incubator’s activity wet will follow the performers during their show and we’ll do our best to spread the voice about their involvement.

The bridge Milan – Malta represents a great occasion for a meeting as #ereditàexpo #expolegacy after Milano EXPO 2015 and a great welcome for more intense cultural cooperation in terms of participation and mutual cooperation. We would like to remind that on 2018 Valletta it will be European Capital of Culture and we are sure that introducing this important event with the right step means a successful strength point for both of us.

If you wanna join to our Jazz in the Air in Malta – Summer Jazz please contact directly Garden Blaze Talents Management.



Creativity is Discovery – the 4th edition 2017

Switch on Your Creativity has become concretely a real cross cultural and well framed accelerator for youth creativity and it’s ready to sustain many projects for the next year introducing Milan as preferential frame to develop international contents on diversified creative sections with the topic “Creativity is Discovery”


20161012_195035_014For the new edition the Charter of Values for Youth Creativity created on 2015 during Milan EXPO still represents the core-contents of the initiative. For 2017 these values will be officially introduced during two important partnered events abroad: the Italian Film and Arts Festival of Seoul and during first edition of Milan Osaka Youth Creativity Day promoted by  our organization Asian Studies Group in collaboration with Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka. At the same time these international events will be preferential occasion to present and promote some creative contents approved and presented in Italy during the 4th edition on 2017.

Switch on Your Creativity  started as international contest promoted on 2013 by Asian Studies Group in occasion of Milano EXPO 2015 but from last edition has become a multi-platform incubator with many activities realized with introduction of experts, supporters, funds, locations and services.


The current edition includes six different sections where it’s possible for youth creative personalities (individuals, organizations, schools, associations, foundations etc) to present initiatives that concern cross cultural dimension (like europe and asia on dialogue and mutual cooperation or comparison between europe and asia) and follow  the principles of our Charter of Values for Youth Creativity.

We’ll consider the initiatives that include the following elements for those concerns creative elements

  • contemporary art & photography
  • music
  • innovation
  • short movie
  • fashion & design
  • show & dance

As part of our NPO’s activity we examine all the requests of support for the realization of the projects  and we select those meet our feasibility ‘s scheme according with sponsors and institutions interested to follow specific contents.

In particular, contact us to present your artistic and creative project to be realized in Milan if you need

  • Promotion
  • Services (concept, production, post production)
  • Location
  • Management
  • Interpreters
  • Funding and Production
  • Counseling
  • Improvement of attendance
  • Support to introduce and realize the same project abroad (East Asia)

20161012_195432_006For 2017 our organization Asian Studies Group decided to inaugurate a new platform called Force for Creativity, Art and Innovation. The fund consist of amount collected basically by annual membership subscriptions or sales of services made by our organization. First of all the fund support the organization of conclusive Gala Night when some projects receive special mention for particular costitutive factors and “The international dialogue between cultures, Europe and Asia on dialogue” Award is assigned. Beyond that the fund is also a collector for sponsors or institutions that want to support our mission.


Fill the form to contact our staff if you want to cooperate with us and start being part of the creative network of operators who choose to cooperate in Switch on Your Creativity. Your iniziative will be examined and classified to join our 4th edition.