The second edition of Switch on Your Creativity with official patronage of Milano EXPO 2015 in cooperation with Punto Enel Milano represents optimal frame to introduce new working operative board sustained by Asian Studies Group Italia in cooperation with groups of artists and creative organizations from Europe and Asia, that generated innovative perspective of international cooperation in Milano in behalf of contemporary arts production.

The Charter of Values for Youth Creativity is the result of a process that has involved multiple operators  in cross-cultural activities during 3 years of preparation for two editions of our international contest.

The objective is to explore the potential of youth creativity  in contemporary society to boost the positive effects for sustainable development of Milano towards the realization of the city as european capital of creativity and center of dynamic cross cultural assimilation through international – creative proposals from Europe and Asia.

As initial step of such research and social challenge, the Charter of Values received ideas from an International Popular Jury during the assignment of Popular Jury award Switch On Your Creativity 2015.

These contents and argumentations consist of special section in The Gala Night on 25th of June 2015 and they are officially presented to Institutions and potential supporters at the presence of Milano EXPO 2015, Comune di Milano, Regione Lombardia and consulates of countries that offered patronage to our international contest.

As the essence of the Charter of Values for Youth Creativity consist of open and dynamic solicitations collected from contemporary society , in particular from young creative personalities and groups, going beyond initial formulation of Values, it’s possible to participate actively on suggesting opportunities that provide a concrete scenario for mutual exchanges in terms of creativity, cross cultural mediation, artistic cooperation, sharing of skills and services.

Institutions together with Private and Governative Supporters are part of the Charter as favorite interlocutors to promote and realize  projects that can make Milano, our territory and Italy as center of renovated international dynamism for young creativity.

This Charter has led to the definition of values based on four concepts:

  • Global Society is the ground action for youth participation into sustainable development’s projects where creativity can be assured as tool for mutual understanding
  • Milano is an  international city. Being international is special value for our city and our effort goes towards the realization of fully integrated and conscious participation of people with well framed skills defined by their cultures of origin into much more dynamic urban environment for that concerns arts, communication and creativity in general.
  • Arts and Creativity are not only for industry. Basically Creativity is way of understanding, communicating and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. The challenge we want to pursue consist of achieving the necessary resources to sustain creative participation not only for projects that are produced for commercial results.
  •  We want make Milano as “a place to be” to start feeling again that Arts and Creativity are part of common human behavior, a sense that can be much more pregnant if enriched by international confrontations among youth creative groups.  If we realize that, for sure Milano will be the best place to develop and enjoy skills  with the  benefit of sensible and strong industry for arts and creativity.

Starting by now  commitments and goals must be undertaken along with actions, initiatives and concrete projects that we are pleased to share with you.

Institutions and Organizations involved in official communication and cooperation with operative board of “The Charter of Values for Youth Creativity”

  • Milano EXPO 2015 – PR and Media Director Giacomo Biraghi
  • Comune di Milano – Delegate Youth Policies by Mayor of Milan – Alessandro Capelli
  • Regione Lombardia – Assessorato alla Cultura – Assessorato all’Istruzione.

Private Supporters  – Companies

Twinned Projects sustained through The Charter of Values for Youth Creativity

Ideas for Cultural Incubator – Garden Blaze Talents Management Studio

Paolo Cacciato

Asian Studies Group © – President

Join our Charter of Values for Youth Creativity



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