The access of the new edition 2015/2016 of the contest is allowed to single, groups, free aggregations of people, associations,schools, to anyone whom wants to submit a creative project according with the topic selected for current edition: Kaleidoscope nature,  man at the mirror : innovations and perceptions from the future society . the project can be included inside or into more than one of these six categories
-section contemporary art
-section fashion&design
-section short movie&video
-section music&dance
-section creative composition
-section innovation for companies
Here there are some details / suggestions about examples and executions of creative contents divided for section
Contemporary Art : photo, painting, sculpture, visual arts in general
Fashion & Design : interior design, product design,creations of style, brand design, design etc
Short Movie & Video: Video with length  from 2 to 15 minutes. spot, report, interview, short movie, documentary, through any form of  video narration (graphics, animation, filmed, )
Music & Dance : dance (every style), musical etc
Creative composition: narration, poetry, wise, story, any written production
Innovation for Companies : innovative developments, innovative commercial and productive assets, plans of entrepreneurial sustainability, analysis on innovative sectors, solutions of entrepreneurial development in strategic sectors etc
The contest sustains the project “The Charter of  Values for Youth Creativity”
The conclusive ceremony of switch on your creativity is planned for 29 Sept 2016, the prize “international dialogue among cultures 2015/2016” will be assigned to the project that will have valorized the following elements :
-pertinence to the theme
-innovation in the execution’s process
-involvement of young people and large number of players
-involvement of international contents and cooperations.
The contest of the third edition of Switch on your Creativity begins 1st September 2015.  People who wants to participate must send application through the online form as follows . After  preliminary examination by our organization, you will be asked to compile the card of adhesion with the preliminary information about the project you want to include in our creative hub.


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