2° edition CONCEPT 2014/2015

After the great success of last year’s “Switch On Your Creativity – Europe and Asia on Dialogue: Creative Visions with the theme sustainable development in Milan 2015 Expo,” an international competition of young artists from Europe and Asia, ended in the exhibition in Milan and Lodi. Asian Studies Group is happy to announce the second edition of the competition, with a focus on the theme of 2015 Expo Milano.

Through “Switch On Your Creativity 2015 – Movie Edition,” Asian Studies Group invites young video makers to a competition in terms of approach and expressive interpretations on the theme of the World Expo held in 2015 in Milan. The contest is created to support the diffusion of short films from two continents (Europe and Asia), and through them extend the target of Expo 2015.

“FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE ” will be the subject to analyze through creative visual work (Short film, Documentary, Video clips, video art, etc…) the collection of works from different countries and cultures will be a great stimulus for artistic confrontation under the terms of intercultural dialogue that has always been the heart of the research and promotion of youth creativity supported by our association.

The guidelines proposed in the description of the competition include themes related to Technology, Innovation, Culture, Tradition and Creativity, which, through the artistic research conducted in the visual productions submitted, will find a close connection to the food industry and food itself. To mention just a few examples:

Food and Health in terms of warranty and control processes: The Big Challenge – Food Quality and Safety, Drinkable Water and Healthy Food for everyone.

The Challenges of International Companies for Developing Countries and Fulfill Basic Needs: Eliminating Hunger, Thirst, Infant Mortality and Malnutrition.

Food and Health in terms of Food Education, The Challenge for Welfare Societies: Proper Nutrition to Promote New Lifestyles.

World and Cultural Differences, Food as a Resource for Identification: Food Traditions as Cultural and Ethnic Elements.

Culture of Cultivation: Bio-diversity, Respect for the Environment as an Ecosystem of Agriculture.

The Research Applied to Sources of Sustenance Development: New Food Sources in Areas of the World where Agriculture is not Developed.

Each participant can decide how to develop the theme/s and what kind of filming device to use (Camera, Smartphone, Video camera, etc.).

For this second edition, the invitation will be extended to Europe and Asia (China, Japan, Korea) to all filmmakers, directors, fans, colleges, academies, universities, associations, etc. that do not exceed 30 years of age. Each project must have a minimum length of 3 minutes and maximum length of 30 minutes, because the theme of EXPO is important for the entire planet.

In addition to the cash prize and premiums from the sponsors, the winner will participate at the Award Ceremony in Milan at the expense of Asian Studies Group. What is more, Asian Studies Group will support the production of a dvd that will collect the finalists’ videos and will support their participation in international short film festivals in Europe and Asia (partnerships are already established with the Italian film & Art Festival in Seoul and Far East Film Festival in Udine).

The contest will close on May 14, 2015, followed by a phase of preliminary judgment by an examination board from Europe and Asia.

Finalists will see their creations showed in four evening events, including the final evening with the official awards ceremony in May and June 2015.

The scheduled dates are the following:

  • 14 May, 2015
  • 28 May, 2015
  • 11 June, 2015
  • 25 June, 2015

The contest will close on May 14, 2015, followed by a phase of preliminary judgment by an examination board from Europe and Asia. Finalists will see their creations showed in four evening events, including the final evening with the official awards ceremony, in May and June 2015.


How to enroll

The contest is free and open to everyone (home video, film-makers, universities, schools…). It is possible to join by yourself or in collaboration with other people.

The second edition’s item is video (all the creations can be created with any equipment you want), and it can last from 3 to 30 minutes.

A. The second edition’s contest announcement “Switch On Your Creativity 2”-Movie Edition starts on May 1, 2014. Anybody who wants to join can fill out an application and mail it. The address is on the web site. You will be asked to complete the application with all the information about your video (you have to upload 3 photos in .jpg format with the synopsis)

B. You are allowed to upload any video you want (subtitled in English), from 3 to 30 minutes. The contest is opened to everyone, film-makers, schools (private and public), universities, associations, European or Asian individuals, but the age limit is up to 30 years old (include) untill the last day for submitting the material (May 14, 2015).

C. You are allowed to present any kind of video work you want: short film, documentaries, videoart, video clip. Any material submitted must have the author’s name, company, school, followed by the title.

D. In order to participate, each participant has to send 3 DVD copies of his/her own video with the signed and filled in registration form (it is possible to have it after filling in the application on the web site until May 14, 2015 (date as postmarked). The material has to be sent to the following address:

Asian Studies Group Via B. Eustachi 9, 20129 Milano – Italy

The promoters can close the enrollment in advance if there is an excessive amount of works submitted.

E. Asian Studies Group Via B. Eustachi 9, 20129 Milano – Italy

F. Video’s copies will not be given back and the shipping costs will be paid by the partecipant.

G. Video’s copies will not be given back and the dispatch cost is all of partecipant

H. Each participant is responsible for the video content (including the music protected by copyright or original music), excluding the organization from each responsibility in case of damages or thefts. Each participant confirms that his own video doesn’t contain libelous or offensive content. Works which are not completed are not allowed

I. The Switch On Your Creativity promoter will get in touch with the people whose videos pass the first selection.

J. When you fill out the application for the contest, you give the license of publication and reproduce videos on www.switchonyourcreativity.org catalogues/DVD of the second edition. In addition you accept that your work can be spread through media and social media in order to promote it and the application on the mailing list following as by law enacted*: within the meaning and for the purposes of DGL 196/2003 on the processing of personal data, we inform that the data will be processed by external in full compliance with the law and will not be disseminated or disclosed to third parties. The email address you gave during the process of personal data by external only for the purpose of receiving information relating to Switch On Your Creativity and its initiatives.

1. Among all the videos received by the deadline, there will be a first evaluation by a jury composed by the event’s organizers (Asian Studies Group and Enel), to assess the compliance with the subject and the parameters of regulation.

2. The shortlisted videos will make it to the second phase of selection where they will be evaluated by a technical committee (Video amateur, Directors, Actors, Organizations, Partners, etc.) that will score each video, using various assessment methods. The video with the highest score will be the winner of the first prize of “International Dialogue between Cultures 2014/15”.

3. In addition to the first, second and third winners, there will be, as well, the winner of the Popular Jury Award. The number of videos that can be covered by this award will be made official after the deadline, in order to assess the number of participants. More details will follow on voting and platforms.

4. Among the shortlisted videos of the second phase of the competition, a special selection of works will be projected in other events at an international level. The collaboration with the Film Festival Seoul has already been confirmed. Official communications will follow on the accession to other festivals on which the organizers are still making arrangements.

5. The list of videos passed to the second stage of selection will be published at www.switchonyourcreativity.org on May 16, 2015. Their authors will be notified via e-mail.

6. Authors of selected videos will be invited to take part in the final evening and possible events.

7. Additional prizes, information, change of dates, changes to regulation, etc … will be notified with updates on reference sites and social networks related to it.


•Thursday 14 May

•Thursday 28 May

•Thursday 11 June

•Thursday 25 June

“This section is constantly updated; addition of awards will be announced over time depending on the partners and sponsors.”

The technical committee will decide the winner

1.500,00€ + Sponsor Award + Ticket for participating in the award ceremony in Milan

2nd  300,00 Euro + Sponsor Award JAL Japan Airlines

3rd  200,00 Euro + Sponsor Award JAL Japan Airlines


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