Pascal Pauwels the instinctive poetry of colours.

Artistic charisma that starts from colours and vibration as conceptual shape more than realistic and well balanced drawing.  Pascal Pauwels has been selected as young talent for EUAsiaCreativeMood through generations of Art because like his japanese alter ego Ryuichi Matsuoka, he is self.made artist who found his personal and characteristic way of communicating through  canvas and painting more than studying at any academy.

Red Bozo 1-2020

Born in Brussels in 1988, Pascal Pauwels is a self-taught artist whose plastic work, at once instinctive, poetic and of great maturity combines reality and fiction. He develops a multiform and deep art, offering intense and complex images but nevertheless silent and relaxing, resumable as a live art that tells a universal story.

pascal pauwels viso

In this way the artist gives a very personal and contemporary interpretation of society.

Blue Bozo 1-2020As result of his works, he created the “unconscious photo library”, a collection of images collected through the years.

After a first exhibition entitled “PHASES” in 2016, supported by the city of Brussels and a second in 2018, as part of the Artists’ Path, Pascal Pauwels transforms the real into fascinating and deeply aesthetic works.

We can say that is impossible to select a single category of art for his works, but he has some favorite techniques: collages, prints, ink, white paper base, acrylic, silicone, résine.

Thanking EUAsiaCreativeMood through generations of Art Pascal Pauwels will be presented first ever in Milan during 10 th edition of Affordable Art Fair (booth L3) from 7 to 9 of February.

Original Bozo 1-20

After that, as part of Switch on Your Creativity 7th edition, the belgian artist will get the opportunity of further promotion with personal exhibition, always in the center of Milan, developed by ASGProduzioni (directed by Paolo Cacciato). Beyond it, there’s also an interesting cooperation’s proposal that consists also of representative agreement for Italy as benefit for artistic management and events development sustained by ASGProduzioni and his fund for creativity arts and innovation called #PiattaformaCAI

To get more info about Pascal Pauwels and for any other inquires concerning his activity in Italy please contact


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