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Ryuichi Matsuoka selected for Emotive Vibrations

Switch on Your Creativity, the creative incubator promoted and developed by Asian Studies Group, has always presented contents concerning contemporary arts, in particular, it has been constantly involved in international projects boosting young talents.

From the first edition in occasion of MilanoExpo 2015, artists from Europe and Asia have been supported in many activities with technical and financial tools moved by SOYC platform.

Thanking the improvement of activities concerning creative and artistic contents managed by Asian Studies Group with its specialised department called ASGProduzioni, Switch on Your Creativity changed its shape from being regular contest into more dynamic an well framed structure: moving fast from promotion to artistic management and creative production.


The same perspective featured the professional joint with Ryuichi Matsuoka, artist from Japan who has been chosen for creative special selection of designers during Design Made in Osaka, promoted by Osaka City and Milan City with financial support of IIC Osaka. These artists joined in Milano Genius during Milano Design Week 2019 at Superstudio and in other venues selected by Asian Studies Group. In particular Ryuichi Matsuoka showed impressive sensibility and dynamism, for this reason ASGProduzioni supported his artistic tribute for the last theatre performance in Milan, called Mirabilia Naturae in collaboration with Spazio Teatro Nohma, where Matsuoka debuted as live performer on the stage for two nights (13 and 14 november).

The occasion was officially the point of start of new cooperation between the artist and ASGProduzioni and selected for new artistic concept developed in collaboration with ACT Agency titled Emotive Vibrations. The collection will be promoted in different occasions and spaces, first of all at Ideas Space (Spazio Idee) at Asian Studies Group Milano.

Ryuichi Matusoka, officially represented for european market by Paolo Cacciato, talents scout and producer, will be also one of six artists promoted during Affordable Art Fair in Milan in February 2020 for EU Asia Creative Mood Through Generations of Art.

In behalf of Matsuoka, Switch on Your Creativity choose one of his artworks titled “Lost and Distant Days” as featured image of the website for the 7th anniversary of activity.