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Christopher Saliba, vivid and vibrant shades as mediterranean heartbeat.

Powerful gradation of colours, sometimes enforced with double or triple  layers (acrylic and oil), finished with palette knife technique. Christopher Saliba creates three dimensions spaces that superbly show their colours and wideness. Places that narrow stories and host memories, always inclusive on attracting sights from people watching through their streets or valleys.

It’s vivid scenarios that remind the real life or, better to say, that create life. Ambient is highly characterised by Saliba’s artworks as origin of emotions and tight path with human being.  The typical mediterranean dimension, represented with geometries or scale of colours in vivid dynamism, becomes innovative and highly influenced  the inclusion of the artist into special selection titled EUAsie Creative Mood through generations of Art, presented in Milan during Affordable Art Fair by Asian Studies Group and Fondazione Luciana Matalon

The artist, that was born in 1975, has been studying art since he was a child, then he graduated at the university of Malta and in 2001 presented his dissertation “La Poetica del Sublime” for his Master degree.  In 1997 he had the biggest occasion of his life: starting a scholarship to the Accademia di Belle Arti “Pietro Vannucci” in Perugia for four years. Thanks to this training period, he could show immediately his abilities, that the Accademia recognized through spaces for his exhibitions, in which he could collaborate with his mentors and fellow students.

saliba face

After this experience abroad, he came back to Gozo, were he combined his passion as a teacher with his practice, and in this way he became the protagonist of a multitude of events not only in Malta, but also in many artistic centers abroad and overseas. This is the reason why today, we can find his works, mainly abstract painting, sculpture and etching, in Europe, Japan, Canada and United States.


Salibas’s neo-expressionist paintings has always been marked by the nature, as a subject, but also as experience, in fact he expressed his preference for working outdoors rather than indoors.  His colors are vibrant and shining, feature that allows him to create unique paintings both natural and abstract.


We can find his hallmark in his ability to contaminate the nature with abstract elements, produced by the artist’s imagination, which is guided just by his feelings and unconscious. He loves experimenting, using new materials and creating new textures, but the subject has always to be the nature’s beauty and how it changes along time and space. We can find all these elements in his definition of art, in fact if someone had to ask him how he would describe his paintings, Chistopher would answer: “freeze-framed in time and motion”.

After Affordable Art Fair, Saliba will be again protagonist of personal exhibition in center of Milan managed by ASGProduzioni (Paolo Cacciato artistic direction) as part of our creative incubator Switch on Your Creativity 7th edition.