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Mapping Korea – creative composition contest added in Switch on Your Creativity third edition

As part of Asian Studies Group’s activity our Fund for Youth Creativity developed ,during last years, many initiatives aimed to boost cross cultural relations on important themes. As you know Switch on Your Creativity with its award  called “International Dialogue Among Cultures” represents the best project sustained by our organization every year on international way.

For the third edition as you can see in the specific informative area of this website we decided to  host and sustain 6 different sections according with well framed creative categories.

Today we are proud to announce one project approved by our organization as content of Creative Composition Section in Switch on Your Creativity 2015 / 2016 – defined Mapping Korea, in cooperation with KSCPP which we already got nice cooperation last year

kscpp milano

Mapping Korea is a cultural laboratory that put focus on the personality of King Sejong the Great, and his crucial effort  in korean history for those aspects that concern the development and definition of own culture and tradition for korean peninsula.

Students of korean language and people interested on korean culture in Italy can read a book offered for free by KSCPP, partner and developer of the project, and after that have collected all info they needs they can prepare a composition of any nature about the mythical figure of King Sejong. Details about scholarships and awards and further info about the contest-  Mapping Korea are indicated on our ASG website

As follows a brief introduction made by Mr. Giancarlo Crocetti an italian representative of KSCPP living in USA.

KSCPP Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project is  non-profit organization that dedicated to raising awareness of Korean history and culture. In appreciation of the United State’s support for Korea during the Korean War and in the years that followed, KSCPP began to introduce the history and culture of Korea in the United States in 2005.  We distribute free literature and give presentations at museums, universities, schools cultural organizations, and corporations, for those who are interested in learning not only about Korea, but also about its culture & art generally.

It is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers, and all literature and events are provided free of charge.

Throughout Korean history we many examples of creative thinking that brought to the scientific and artistic development with important contributions like the movable metal types in 1234 (200 years before Guttenberg’s type), unique astronomical charts, and culminating with the Hangul, the only alphabet in the world for which we know the author, date of invention, and the reasons behind the invention.

However, creativity in Korea is not only a fact of the past. Korea had to develop a creative culture in order to reemerge from the backdrop of a war that left everything in ruins. Only through their creative and imaginative minds and with hard work, described by scholars like Bruce Cumings as “worked their fingers to the bone to create the industrial country we now see”, they were able to become the industrialized nation that we see today.

It is with this spirit that KSCPP is honored to participate to the “Switch On Your Creativity” project and help new generations to develop that spirit of endurance, compassion, and devotion so distinctive of Korean culture that is part of any creative process.

De Rerum Mirabilia in Milan: great start for Switch on Your Creativity third ed.

After successful conclusion of second edition in June 2015 with assignation of awards at presence  of Milano EXPO 2015 and participation of many creative personalities from Europe and Asia for the short movie contest, we are really pleased to announce the development of new guideline for the third edition of Switch on your creativity 2015 / 2016


According with fundamentals of charter of values for youth creativity presented during the second edition through official ceremony at presence of institutions, we decided to boost concretely an open call for producers and sponsors interested to take an important role in the contest not only for those elements may concern economic sustainment for our initiative ,but also as guidance for development of contents can be used as communication’s tools for sustainers on creative and innovative way with involvement of youth skills.

Asian Studies Group with well selected network of operators as foundations, companies, private funds and investors confirmed some well framed production’s series for youth creativity that will have the opportunity to contribute on making day by day Milan as european capital of creativity!

As follows six sections of production confirmed by Asian Studies Group as official categories for the third edition

Contemporary Art section

Fashion and Design  section

Short Movie  section

Creative Composition section

Music and Dance section

Creativity and Innovation for Entrepreneurship section

Each serie of contents will be produced with support and guidance of official tutors recognized among foundations, companies, private investors, twinned organizations. They will support the organizer to present topics and guidelines will be promoted to get cooperation of  creative personalities from Academies, Universities, Researchers, Associations, Artistic groups and Movements etc from Europe and Asia according with Asian Studies Group’s Fund for Arts and Creativity’s  with assignment of International Dialogue among Cultures Award and other official mentions / awards for each category.

Beyond some productions that will be included in each sections as previously mentioned, we’ll also  propose some topics following the fundamentals of charter of values,  these argumentations will become creative proposals to allow free participation to our contest with full expression of creative freedom by each participant.

Now, we are also pleased to announce the start of the third edition with production of de Rerum Mirabilia, ceramics exhibition with participation of italian and japanese artists.

MORRIS: WALLPAPER, 1875. William Morris 'Acanthus' wallpaper, 1875.
William Morris ‘Acanthus’ wallpaper, 1875.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on 15th of september at Fondazione Luciana Matalon in Via Foro Buonaparte 67 (vernissage 6 pm). The event is presented by Asian Studies Group in collaboration with Garden Blaze Talents Management and with sponsorship of Fondazione Luciana Matalon that is one of operators that sustain the charter of values and guide contents for contemporary art’s section for third edition of Switch on Your Creativity. The vernissage is also sponsored by Business Lunch.

De Rerum Mirabilia represents a cross cultural interpretation of essence of nature inspired by latin text of Lucrezio and well examined by japanese and italian ceramists (collettivo C13) through cultural and creative lens of high- sensitive perception about nature-humanity’s relation .  On saying that we should remember that japanese culture got well deep awareness of  nature’s aesthetic and essence in relation with human life.

Three ceramists will join our contest for Contemporary Art’s section of Switch on Your Creativity: Matteo Bagolin, Yuria Nishi and Yumiko Murata.

Stay tuned to see pictures and video of official opening if you cannot join us in Milan.

Luciana Matalon Foundation New official supporter of Youth Creativity in Milan

logo matalonThe opportunity to boost creative contents through well framed and international initiatives in prestigious museum in the center of Milan: that’s the effort proposed  officially by  Luciana Matalon Foundation to our organization.

It certainly  represents a great step ahead for The Charter of Values for Youth Creativity introduced recently through  Switch On Your Creativity,  the international contest for young creative talents developed by Asian Studies Group in Italy with cooperation of institutions and companies.

nello taiettiWe’ve met Dr. Nello Taietti,  president and director of Luciana Matalon Foundation in his office at beautiful exhibition space of the Foundation  in the center of Milan near Sforza Castle, surrounded by fascinating artworks in a peaceful but exciting and professional atmosphere and and we collected his impressions about the recent launch of  the Charter  – It’s exactly what we intend to do as Luciana Matalon Foundation –  Taietti underlines – and we were born to  improve continuously our guidance in behalf of youth creative personalities coming to Milan to experiment and share perceptions and perspectives on cross cultural dimension.

The Foundation was founded by artist Luciana Matalon on 2000 with the aim of creating an exhibition space which could become an international “crossroad” of new ideas and the occasion for visual, emotive and intellectual enrichment.

fondazione Matalon 01

The Foundation is already involved in high level’s international projects and  it started on cooperating with Cathay Pacific as Gold Sponsor of  prestigious Cathay Pacific Business Award.

With an interesting calendar full of activities and appointments confirmed by EXPO in Città, the  list of events and exhibitions introduced by official channel of Municipality of Milan & Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Taietti and his staff willingly accepted the opportunity to support contents jointly and projects which follow the principles of the charter of values for your creativity.

We are really into international researches and cross cultural contaminations through arts and creativity – Taietti continues – and we strongly think that young generations got the energy and skills to make these cultural perceptions much more dynamics and useful for that concerns concreteness in behalf of contemporary society.

fondazione matalon cathay pacific

The Foundation  contributes on our mission promoting exhibitions, meetings/conferences and initiatives of cultural exchange in their prestigious space according with parameters shared through the Charter of Values.

Beyond doing that  the technical support offered by Luciana Matalon Foundation’s staff with deep and long experience in contemporary art’s environment represents a plus value for our organization on selecting, guiding and developing talents for the preparation of third edition od Switch on Your Creativity 2015 / 2016 which will be focused on multi- creative contents from Europe and Asia.

Creativity? Let’s go ahead: HFFA presents Open Day with #MyLamborghini Contest

english and italian versions as follow

We’ve recently introduced the contents about our Charter of Values for Youth Creativity during the Gala Ceremony of international contest “Switch on Your Creativity – Movie Edition” for the assignment of International Dialogue among Cultures Award 2015, and many players showed already big interest about our open call for operators from the world of creative industry in Milan.

Our proposal for making  Milan as European Capital of Creativity has been recently introduced on official way to main institutions we are cooperating with, like Milano EXPO 2015, Regione Lombardia and Comune di Milano.

We can already mention many proposals we received as joint opportunities for cooperation on events and artistic contents production pointed out by well framed operators from international creative industry. It’s concrete manifestation about common interest to share new operative perspective for youth creativity.

1069825_814442085267500_5407999702057029312_nSo  we are pleased to announce you the recent initiative introduced by HFFA Haute Future Fashion Academy of Milano  that launched new selfie-contest called #MyLamborghiniHFFA . It will take place during the Academy’s Open Day on 30 of June. The most creative selfie that will be  published on FB fan page of HFFA , taken with Lamborghini Gallardo Spider of the school, it will receive special scholarship that consist of one of courses offered for free of charge by the HFFA

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