Switch on your KoreActivity

The SWITCH ON YOUR CREATIVITY proposal for its 4th edition is “Creativity is Discovery”

This contest, edited by Asian Studies Group, has the aim to explore creativity, viewed from different perspectives.

This not only through six different thematic areas (music, short films, contemporary art, Innovation, Show and Dance, Fashion & Design) but collaborating more closely wExpo-in-citta_logo.pngith institutions like EXPO in CITTÀ’, which sponsors the event, and a number of international institutions linked to Eastern culture.

In this sense, Asian Studies Group has developed a fruitful joint with the Italian Film & Art Festival – IFAF  – in Seoul, the solely Italian film festival in Korea.

Inside the Italian Film & Art Festival (next date in November 2017), SWITCH ON YOUR CREATIVITY will have a space where to expose participants works for the short film category.IFAF_LOGO [Convertito].jpg

Between the 30th of June and the 1st of July, the Director of IFAF, Dr. Lanki Jung, will come to Italy make an open seminar over Korean cinematography and to assist to a film screening of emerging artists from Korea, selected by her.

We are collecting video-visual projects which meet the theme of Creativity lived like a discovery (emotional, environmental, sensory, landscaping, instrumental, etc..) and you can introduce your work emailing us to:


As participant of SWITCH ON YOUR CREATIVITY you will have the chance to see your work represented at Italian Film & Art Festival, an international and prestigious context

Follow us to discover all participants!!



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